General Dentistry in Spruce Grove, AB

General Dentistry Near You 

General dentistry, also known as family dentistry, refers to the routine services that all dental professionals are qualified to provide to patients. This form of care is highly recommended for patients of all ages since it is very effective at preventing cavities, bad breath, and more severe issues like gum disease.

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general dentistry near you in spruce grove

Services Our General Dentistry Offer

This field of dentistry is familiar to most, as it involves treatments commonly administered to address existing dental issues and prevent future ones in patient’s teeth and gums.

Noted below are the primary services available to you:

If you have questions about this, feel free to reach out to your family dentist.

Our oral health professional recommends scheduling routine appointments for you and your family, generally every six months. This ensures that you and your dentist stay informed about any emerging issues.

Furthermore, general dental visits are safe and straightforward. Typically, they take only an hour to complete, meaning you’ll be able to get back to your day in no time. However, if you suffer from anxiety or fear, don’t hesitate to speak with our dental team about local anesthesia or sedative options. Your comfort is important to us.

Benefits of Our General Dentistry Sessions 

  • Prevention of major and minor oral health issues
  • Freshens your breath
  • Removes discoloration
  • Helps to prevent and manage tooth pain
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Long-term savings

Each time you come in, your treatment will be carefully tailored to suit your case and ensure that the results you obtain benefit you. If you need dental prosthetics such as crowns or bridges, we take impressions of your smile to precisely replicate your oral shape, size, and other essential factors.

Additionally, our dentist in Spruce Grove is dedicated to educating you about your oral health. We provide strategies for effectively maintaining your teeth and gums at home between visits, including proper brushing techniques, flossing methods, the use of mouthwash, and other oral care recommendations.

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