Tooth Extraction in Spruce Grove

Tooth Extractions Near You

If you’re experiencing severe pain in your mouth, it could be due to broken teeth, tooth decay, damage, or other issues. Sometimes, a simple filling or crown can fix the problem, but it’s not always the best solution.

A tooth extraction is required when the damage is beyond repair. During this procedure, one or more teeth are removed from their socket in your jawbone. Simple and surgical extractions are our healthcare professionals’ two most common procedures in Spruce Grove. How do these two procedures differ? Continue reading to find out about teeth extraction near you.

teeth extraction in spruce grove

Simple Extractions:

Our healthcare professional will perform a simple extraction in Spruce Grove, AB, when your teeth are visible in your mouth. Our dental experts will complete this surgery without requiring incisions or special techniques.

We’ll start by using a dental tool called an elevator to gently loosen the infected tooth. Then, we’ll use another tool called forceps to grab hold of the tooth and take it out of its place in your mouth. A tooth extraction can ease your pain and improve your smile. If you need a tooth extraction in Spruce Grove, AB, reach out to Blossom Family Dental.

Surgical Extractions:

One of our oral surgeons will perform a surgical extraction when your teeth have been blocked from breaking through your gums (impacted teeth). Note, some impacted teeth will require partial removal or no removal at all. This is a more complicated extraction than a simple extraction. Our healthcare professional will administer sedation or anesthesia and then create a small incision into your gum to expose and remove the infected tooth.

In some cases, we might also need to remove some of the bone around the tooth. The time it takes to complete a tooth extraction in Spruce Grove depends on several factors:

  • The length and curve of the tooth’s roots.
  • The position of the tooth.
  • The thickness of the bone around the tooth.
  • Your overall physical health.

Whether your tooth is removed with a simple or surgical extraction will depend on its shape, size, and position. Looking for a reliable dental clinic offering tooth extraction in Spruce Grove? Blossom Family Dental offers tooth extractions near you.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction in Spruce Grove, AB?

The main reasons for tooth extraction are severely broken or decayed teeth that cannot be fixed with other dental treatments. Additionally, a tooth extraction may be necessary if:
  • Your teeth become loose due to a sports-related dental injury.
  • Your child’s primary (baby) teeth have not fallen out in time for the eruption of their adult teeth.
  • Your wisdom teeth have not fully erupted and are causing pain and other issues.
  • You are receiving orthodontic treatment and must make room in your mouth to realign your teeth.