Dental Guards and Appliances in Spruce Grove, AB

Dental Guards and Appliances Near You

Protecting your smile is important to ensure it stays beautiful for years. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t take any precaution to protect their smile until they meet an accident.

When it’s about protecting your smile, we come in. At Blossom Family Dental, we provide dental guards and appliances in Spruce Grove that are long-lasting and reliable. Please check out dentists today to get sports guards and appliances near you.

dental guards and appliances in spruce grove

Why Do I Need a Dental Guard?

Our teeth are vulnerable to damage despite being able to withstand daily wear and tear, grinding, and certain impacts. Preserving your smile by acquiring dental guards, whether a sports guard or a night guard to stop bruxism, is a straightforward but very effective method. Furthermore, if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment and have braces, wearing a dental guard will ensure your progress isn’t hindered by unnecessary damage.

Dental guards cushion your top and bottom row of teeth from internal and external forces that can chip, crack, or wear down your enamel. The material absorbs these impacts instead of your smile.

You can purchase over-the-counter dental guards, but these aren’t long-lasting and won’t be made to fit your oral dimensions. They can wriggle around or even slip out of your mouth when participating in certain activities. Therefore, dentists always recommend getting a customized dental guard. Physical moulds are used to create a custom mouthguard that fits you and only you. Such guards are crafted from high-grade plastic to ensure they won’t irritate your tissues and keep them flexible.

Types of Dental Guards & Our Approach to Finding The Best For You

Alongside sports and night guards, your dentist can suggest several other types of appliances, including:

  • Snore guards
  • Orthodontic retainers
  • TMJ splints
  • Space maintainers
  • Bite guards (full or partial)

To determine the most appropriate dental guard as per your dental condition, you will need to come in for an in-person consultation. We will examine your teeth, gums, and overall oral cavity to take X-rays. Next, we will check how your roots and jawbone are faring.

Our dental team might also ask you about any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing, your preferences, and your goals. All this information allows us to advise you on the best guard for your smile. Do you have questions about this treatment? Visit us now.

Come Talk to Our Experts

Our dental experts are at your service, ready to assist you with each step on your treatment journey. We will ensure that it’s nothing but smooth. We are committed to patient care. For us, no concern is too small, and no question is too big.

Whatever you require, we’ll make sure you receive it so you can reap the benefits of high-quality dental care. Email or call our local dental office to find out more about dental guards and appliances near you.