Our dentist may recommend dental crowns and bonding in the following instances:

  • To protect a tooth that has weakened or become decayed.
  • To repair a tooth that is broken, chipped, cracked, or overall damaged.
  • To enhance the appearance of teeth that are misshapen or discoloured.
  • To close a gap between teeth or make other cosmetic smile enhancements.
  • To replace or support a tooth with a large filling.

We will discuss both of these procedures and their advantages below.

dental crowns in spruce grove

Dental Crowns Near You

A crown or a cap can quickly restore the function and appearance of a tooth that is severely sensitive or decayed. In most cases, our dentist near you will position crowns over teeth with large fillings or cracks for protection and support. Stainless steel, gold, ceramic, and porcelain material can be used to design crowns. To prepare for this procedure, our dentist will create a mold of your mouth before positioning the crown. Looking for teeth crowns in Spruce Grove? Blossom Family Dental offers dental bonding near you.

What are The Advantages of Teeth Crowns?

  • Dental crowns in Spruce Grove, AB are a highly versatile solution to several problems.
  • Dental crowns are stain-resistant.
  • Dental crowns are durable and long-lasting.

This long-term solution can last for 15 years before requiring replacement.

porcelain crowns near you

Dental Bonding Near You

Direct composite bonding entails a resin that our dentist in Spruce Grove, AB will apply to your teeth directly. Before this application, they will prepare your tooth by etching the surface. Our dentist will apply the resin material gradually and use a high-intensity curing light. Lastly, he or she will smooth and polish the bonding to perfection. The colour selected for bonding will blend seamlessly with your smile.

What are The Advantages of Teeth Bonding?

  • Dental bonding is the least invasive solution.
  • Dental bonding is a straightforward procedure.
  • Dental bonding can be completed in only one visit to your dental clinic.

If you are interested in dental crowns or dental bonding in Spruce Grove, schedule an appointment today!