Dental Bridges Near You

A dental bridge can replace one or numerous absent teeth. It spreads across an area in your mouth with missing teeth. Typically, it is comprised of an artificial tooth fused between two crowns (artificial teeth). This is a fixed restoration, meaning it is not removable.

dental bridges in spruce grove

The Procedure for Fixed Bridges in Spruce Grove, AB

1. If you have two healthy teeth (one on each side of the missing tooth) our dentist will prepare them by filling them down. Alternatively, if you do not have healthy teeth to support a bridge, you will likely require dental implants. These will be inserted into your jawbone and are used to replace missing tooth roots. The implants serve as an anchor to secure the replacement tooth or bridge in place.

2. After taking impressions (molds), our dentist will make a model of your teeth. Using this model, the dental bridge is created.

3. Our dentist will insert a temporary bridge which will shield your teeth and gums until your permanent bridge has been fabricated.

4. When you return for your second visit, our dentist will replace the temporary bridge with the custom-made permanent bridge and cement the crowns to your teeth or attach them to the dental implants.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Teeth Bridge in Spruce Grove, AB

In most cases, your bridge should last for 10 years or longer depending on if it is properly cared for or not. You will need to brush and floss every day and visit our dentist for routine cleanings and exams.

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