Top 5 Benefits of Composite Fillings

top 5 benefits of composite fillings

Sometimes, even if we follow our dentist’s instructions, brush our teeth twice daily, floss daily, and visit a dental clinic in Spruce Grove every 6 months for regular checkups, we have some cavities. Thankfully, there are different options to treat tooth decay that not only involve amalgams, which have been a norm in dentistry for quite some time.

Dental fillings involve drilling a hole into a tooth and removing the diseased tissue. Then, this area where tooth decay exists is filled by your and our dentist’s choice of material, such as amalgam or composite resin. This protects the area and prevents further decay from populating it. For many years, amalgams were the only choice when obtaining dental fillings, which were very visible. However, with time, more options have opened, specifically composite resin fillings.

In this article, you will find 5 reasons why composite fillings in Spruce Grove are the best choice when receiving dental fillings near you.

1) Composite Resin Fillings Resemble Teeth

In other words, they look and feel natural. While other ways to fill cavities, such as amalgams, are much more visible, composite fillings aren’t noticeable. If you currently have cavities, don’t hesitate to look for a Spruce Grove dentist and ask if they offer composite resin.

2) Resin is Very Flexible

Unlike amalgams, composite resin is a very flexible material. This makes it easier to use for dental fillings while letting dentists preserve the healthy tooth structure as much as possible because it requires less tooth reduction and drilling.

3) It Bonds to Your Teeth Easily

Composite fillings bond to your actual teeth at a microscopic level. This gives your teeth more stability and security than if they had been filled with another material. This is great for your teeth since they will lose some tissue by what had to be drilled and removed because of tooth decay. If not for the filling, the tooth would be prone to breaking.

4) They Don’t Only Work For Cavities

There are many different reasons to look for dental fillings in Spruce Grove. Aside from tooth decay, one of the most common ones is having a chipped tooth. This dental emergency is very unpleasant, but thankfully there are options such as this one to treat the issue immediately. If this ever happens to you, visit a dental office as quickly as possible. During these dental emergencies, receiving a dental filling is very important because it ensures that the nerve and all the tissues in the tooth stay protected and secured.

5) They Harden Easily

One amazing factor about composite fillings is that they harden super quickly, allowing our dentist in Spruce Grove to work as efficiently as possible. Thanks to this, you won’t have to spend hours in our dentist’s chair at our dental clinic near you, waiting for our dentist to perform treatments and procedures. Quite the contrary. Since it hardens easily, you will be amazed by how fast the process is overall.

As you can see, in most regards, composite fillings are superior to other materials. Our dental hygienist near you can provide more information regarding this subject. If you have cavities, explain why you will benefit more from this material than amalgams. Schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Spruce Grove to learn more!

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