Ten Advantages of Dental Implants

ten advantages of dental implants

Why do so many people choose dental implants to solve tooth loss issues? We can’t tell you exactly how many people in Spruce Grove have opted for dental implants, but over 5,000,000 people in the United States receive dental implants yearly. Getting dental implants in Spruce Grove is not your only choice when replacing missing teeth, but they may be your best choice. While every person’s situation is different, here are 10 specific advantages of dental implants that our dentist in Spruce Grove will explain.

Implants are Versatile

An implant can replace a single tooth with a crown or multiple teeth with a bridge or partial denture, and it can even replace all your teeth by providing support for complete sets of dentures.

Implants are Comfortable

Because implants are embedded directly into your jawbone rather than resting on your gums, they’re much more stable and comfortable than dentures and non-implant-supported bridges, for example.

Implants Allow You to Speak Naturally

When you lose teeth, you lose the ability to make all the sounds normal speech requires naturally. Dentures can help restore that ability to speak, but the resulting changes to the inside of your mouth change how you speak. Implants replace teeth in a way that allows you to form shapes and naturally make sounds.

With Implants, You Can Eat What You Want

If you’ve lived with missing teeth, you know what it’s like to sacrifice your diet. While dentures and bridges can restore dental function, many foods are still out of reach. With implants stably rooted into your jaw, you can eat what you want without fear of dentures slipping or coming out.

Implants Look Completely Natural

The first thing to notice about implants is that you won’t notice the implant itself. The titanium post will be embedded into your jaw, where it’s accepted as natural tissue. Restorations attached to the post and abutment are designed from materials shaped and coloured to blend completely naturally with your gums, lips, and face. If you want to, you can tell people you’re living with implants, but people may never know otherwise.

You’ll Feel More Confident

Many people feel very self-conscious about missing teeth because of the impact on their appearance, ability to speak, and ability to live freely and naturally. Implants fill all gaps left behind by missing teeth and restore full dental function. You’ll be free to smile freely and have much to say about.

You’ll Be Healthier

Filling gaps left behind by missing teeth with implants prevents your remaining natural teeth from twisting and shifting into gaps. When that happens, the alignment of your teeth and the shape of your bite will become unnatural. Implants solve these issues without modifying your natural teeth like you would have to do to accommodate a non-implant-supported bridge, for example.

Implants Stimulate Bone Growth

Not only do implants replace lost tooth roots and hold replacements for missing teeth, but they also stimulate the growth of new and healthy bone tissue in your jaw through Osseointegration.

Implants are Easy to Maintain

Caring for your implants is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. All you need to do is brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily while attending regular dental checkups and having your teeth cleaned annually. While there’s no need to add to that routine, it is essential to commit to that routine to avoid infections at the implant site that, in rare cases, can cause the loss of the implant.

Implants are Durable

As long as you care for your teeth and mouth properly, the implant in your jaw can last a lifetime. The restoration — crown or bridge, for example — may need to be replaced every decade or 15 years, but the implant can be a life-long and hassle-free solution for tooth loss.

Is getting dental implants near you a good idea? To find out what implants can do for you, contact our dentist near you for an assessment and initial consultation. The staff at our dental clinic in Spruce Grove will be thrilled to have the chance to answer your questions.

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