Tongue-tie Treatment Near You

Is your child suffering from a tongue-tie? A tongue-tie develops when your child is growing in the womb. When they are born, their frenulum, the tissues between the roof of their mouth, and the bottom of their tongue are too short or thick. This causes your child to have restricted movement in their tongue. This can cause difficulties in eating and speaking. Our office offers tongue-tie treatment near you to help your child speak and eat freely.

tongue tie treatment in spruce grove

What are the Symptoms of a Tongue-tie?

The following symptoms indicate that your child might be suffering from a tongue-tie:

  • They are experiencing difficulty sticking their tongue out.
  • They are experiencing difficulty lifting or moving their tongue in their mouth.
  • Their tongue appears in a heart or notched shape when stuck out.
  • They have difficulties during breastfeeding.

A tongue-tie can interfere with your child’s ability to eat, speak, and brush their teeth. Please contact us to schedule a consultation if they are bothered by the restricted movements or notice limitations in their tongue movement.

Treatment for Tongue-ties

If you decide your child’s tongue-tie is causing complications, please schedule a consultation with us. Our dentist will evaluate your child’s mouth and discuss treatment with you. The treatment for tongue-ties is very straightforward. Our dentist will perform a frenectomy, which is simply releasing the tongue-tie. The procedure will take a couple of minutes at most and should not cause any side effects, except for slight bleeding. We will provide you with aftercare instructions, which include tongue stretches to help prevent tissues from growing too tightly.

tongue tie treatment near you

Looking to Treat Your Child’s Tongue-tie?

If your child is suffering from a tongue-tie and it’s causing disruptions to their daily life, please contact us! We offer tongue-tie treatments in Spruce Grove, AB, to help your child restore the functionality of their tongue.