Oral Conscious Sedation: The Key to a Patient Comfort

oral conscious sedation the key to patient comfort

If visiting the dentist for your annual dental checkup and cleaning makes you sick to your stomach with anxiety, then you aren’t alone. Dental anxiety is more common than one might think, which is why sedation dentistry has become so popular in recent years. Sedation dentistry works to help anxious patients remain calm and comfortable during their necessary dental procedures.

Blossom Family Dental is the place to be for those seeking our Spruce Grove dentist that provides sedation dentistry services. Our practice uses the latest technology to provide patients with the most comprehensive and comfortable dental care possible. Read on to learn how you can benefit from sedation dentistry near you.

What Does Oral Conscious Sedation Entail?

Sedation is a way to ensure that patients remain relaxed and comfortable throughout their dental visit. Many individuals experience anxiety when they are in the dental chair, and opting for oral conscious sedation can ensure that you remain comfortable and calm during your appointment. This form of sedation dentistry in Spruce Grove uses a prescription sedative that patients are directed by our dentist to take about one hour before visiting our dental office for an appointment. When you arrive after taking this sedative, you will be conscious but very relaxed. If you opt for oral conscious sedation, you must arrange transportation to and from the dental clinic since the sedative will take a few hours to wear off completely.

Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients are good candidates for sedation dentistry. When you speak to our dentist about sedation dentistry, they will review your patient’s medical and dental history to determine if oral conscious sedation is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

The top benefit of sedation dentistry is its ability to reduce your anxiety and make your dental visit as enjoyable as possible. Additionally, oral conscious sedation is effective, long-lasting, quick, and affordable. Often, patients won’t even remember the majority of their appointment, instead drifting in and out of a pleasant sleep.

What Dental Procedures Can be Performed With the Help of Sedation Dentistry?

Patients can opt for sedation dentistry with any dental procedure, from simple dental cleaning and checkup to restorative dentistry procedures such as dental fillings and extractions. Dental sedation is long-lasting and will ensure you remain comfortable during your procedure. No matter your next dental appointment, you can rest assured that you will feel happy and comfortable with sedation dentistry.

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