How Long Does Dental Cleaning Take?

how long does dental cleaning take

Every six months, all Canadian adults should visit their dentist for a professional dental cleaning. Cleaning services are more crucial than you might believe. Cleanings are necessary for avoiding cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. For some, the prospect of going to the dentist every six months causes anxiety.

If this is something that you experience, such an appointment usually only takes around an hour from start to finish. A routine visit normally involves a thorough oral exam, an assessment of oral hygiene habits, and a professional dental cleaning.

What are the Steps of a Dental Cleaning?

After the oral exam, the dentist or dental hygienist will prepare you for the cleaning. They’ll show you to a chair and then provide you with a paper bib or towel to wear so you avoid getting any water or fluoride on your clothes.

Routine cleaning includes the following steps:

First up is the scaling process. Scaling removes plaque and debris from the gum line and between teeth. This process is usually done with an automatic ultrasonic or thin metal hand scaler. A handheld ultrasonic scaler uses low-frequency vibrations and air pressure to dissolve plaque and rinse it away.

Sensitive teeth can make scaling painful. During scaling, the dentist will stop to assure your comfort. After removing plaque and dirt, polish the teeth. Each tooth receives polishing paste from an automatic handheld tool. It polishes and shines teeth with a rotating head. Afterward, the dental hygienist cleaning your teeth will floss for you.

The fluoride treatment is often the last step of the appointment. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that prevents cavities. It sits on your teeth for one minute before being wiped off. You can spit and rinse, and then, you’re all done!

How Long Does Dental Cleaning Take?

Although it comes down to the condition of the patient’s teeth and the amount of plaque that needs to be scraped off, a normal appointment can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. The appointment should not be rushed, and your Spruce Grove dentist will work at a rate that allows you to feel at ease. Let your dentist know if you need a break throughout the treatment if you start to feel uneasy.

Why are Dental Cleanings Important?

Keeping your teeth clean has many advantages. After you’ve finished flossing and brushing your teeth, the appearance and texture of your teeth will improve significantly. Plaque will be eliminated, and you’ll have cleaner breath in no time.

While this is a nice benefit in the here and now, avoiding tooth decay and gum disease should be your first concern. Rather than having to respond to problems, it’s far simpler to form good routines at home, see the dentist twice a year, and be proactive.

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Undergoing a dentist’s routine cleaning is recommended for patients who are in good dental health and for those who are struggling with various problems like cavities or gum disease. This particular treatment is both standardized and safe for patients of all ages, and it can help prevent more severe conditions from arising. If you have any questions or concerns about your visit or require additional assistance in order to feel comfortable, reach out to a member of our staff today; you have every right to feel relaxed and empowered about your oral health and your smile, and we’re here to ensure that this happens.

If it’s time to arrange your next dental exam and cleaning, or if you’re looking to gather more information, feel free to email or call our dental office today. Talk with you soon!

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