Can You Fix Overbite With Veneers?

can you fix overbite with veneers

A dental issue that many patients face is an overbite. This condition significantly impacts the functionality of one’s smile, as it interferes with their ability to speak and eat properly. Do you have an overbite? Are you looking to remedy this issue and get back to taking part in your daily routine without experiencing any discomfort? If so, you’re in luck.

There are several approaches that you can take to address your overbite such as orthodontic treatment or oral surgery if it is particularly severe. But, if you’d prefer a less complex or invasive method, what about porcelain veneers? 

Though dental veneers are commonly regarded as a cosmetic service, these tiny, tooth-colored shells can help correct a variety of functional problems, including bite irregularities. Is this something you’re interested in? Get in touch with our local dental clinic today; our team will be able to answer your questions and let you know if you’re a suitable candidate. 

What Exactly is an Overbite?

When the upper front teeth vertically overlap the lower front teeth, it is called an overbite or a malocclusion. An overbite is a frequent dental problem; each person’s severity level varies. While some overbites are minor and hardly apparent, others can be more severe and have an impact on how your smile looks.

What Issues Can an Overbite Cause?

Overbites can lead to a number of oral health challenges, such as those noted below:

  • Aesthetic Issues. An overbite can make your upper front teeth protrude noticeably, which detracts from the symmetry and appeal of your smile.
  • Difficulties Speaking. Severe overbites can make pronouncing some words or sounds difficult and prevent accurate pronunciation.
  • Chewing Issues. Overeating can eventually make it harder to chew food correctly, which could damage your digestion.
  • Jaw Pain. An overbite can cause jaw soreness or pain due to poor bite alignment.
  • Worn-Down Teeth. Overbites can result in dental problems by wearing down some teeth excessively, which not only weakens your smile but can end up eroding the surface enamel too. 

How Do Porcelain Veneers Correct Overbites?

Medical-grade porcelain is frequently the material of choice when it comes to designing customized veneers for patients. With that said, a single veneer is a shell fitted onto the front surface of your tooth; it is cemented in place with a special adhesive. 

Your dentist may recommend getting veneers to remedy teeth that are seriously stained, worn down, too small or irregularly shaped, or have small spaces in between. 

When it comes to bite corrections – overbites in particular – porcelain veneers can help by: 

  • Minimize the Overbite: Mild to moderate overbites can be optically corrected with porcelain veneers by altering how the front teeth seem. They may give the appearance of a more symmetrical and balanced smile.
  • Teeth Realignment: The length and shape of the front teeth can occasionally be altered with veneers to create a more uniform and subtle overbite.

A dentist or orthodontist could suggest orthodontic treatment, like braces or Invisalign if you are dealing with serious alignment problems or your jaw is out of place. Permanent veneers are a potential solution when the overbite is giving rise to an aesthetic issue.

How Long Does it Take to Correct an Overbite?

The time needed to treat an overbite depends on the extent of care that you require to get your oral health back to normal. Here is a general timetable for several strategies:

  • Veneers: Porcelain veneers can be applied in just a few dentist visits, typically over the course of a few weeks.
  • Orthodontics: Depending on the complexity of the case, orthodontic repair of overbites using braces or clear aligners may take several months to a few years.
  • Oral Surgery: Orthognathic surgery may be required in extreme situations to treat the overbite, and the recovery period may last several months.
  • Combined Methodologies: When treating an overbite’s functional and aesthetic elements, veneers and orthodontic therapy may sometimes be combined.

The optimal course of action for you will depend on your situation, objectives, and the advice of a dental professional. No questions or concern is too silly; if there’s something on your mind, please let your team know so they can address it immediately and ensure that your time at the clinic goes smoothly and you obtain the results you desire. 

Will an Overbite Get Worse as You Age?

The majority of the time, overbites do not worsen with age. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the severity and appearance of an overbite, such as tooth loss, tooth movement, and aging-related changes in jaw alignment. 

To monitor the condition of your overbite and manage any difficulties that may develop over time, it is essential to have regular dental examinations. Our skilled porcelain veneer dentist is here to enhance your smile’s beauty and boost your confidence. 

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Porcelain veneers can be incredibly effective at visibly reducing mild to moderate overbites, but It’s crucial to understand that they are essentially a cosmetic fix and won’t address the underlying functional issues that severe overbites cause. To get the greatest results in these situations, orthodontic therapy or even surgery can be required.

Depending on your individual demands and the selected process, the turnaround time following your treatment will vary. Regular dental exams are also necessary for keeping track of your progress and preserving your oral health.

Consult one of our skilled dentist in Spruce Grove before beginning any type of treatment, so they can evaluate your particular situation and suggest the best course of action. You can anticipate a healthier, more assured smile with the appropriate direction and care.

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